Thomas Mattingly, Apollo 16 command module pilot

Thomas K. Mattingly II

Command Module Pilot

Astronaut Thomas Mattingly was born March 17th, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois. He received a bachelor of science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Auburn University in 1958. He began his Naval career as an Ensign in 1958 and received his wings in 1960.

Mattingly served on the support crews for Apollo 8 and Apollo 11. He was designated command module pilot for the Apollo 13 flight but was removed from flight status 72 hours prior to the scheduled launch due to exposure to the German measles. Apollo 16 in 1972 was the fifth manned moon landing mission. The crew included spacecraft commander John Young and lunar module pilot Charles M. Duke, Jr. Mattingly was the command module pilot and stayed in orbit while Young and Duke touched down on the lunar surface. While in orbit, Mattingly performed various scientific experiments.

After the Apollo missions, Mattingly went on to serve in the Space Shuttle program.