System Development Corp (SDC) Software Group

Norm Brodeur

Software Engineer

Norm Brodeur graduated from Boston College with a BA in Applied Mathematics.  After two years in the Army stationed in the upper Alaskan coast installing bases and radar equipment, Brodeur started his career at AVCO as a scientific programmer supporting heat shield development.  He then joined the System Development Corporation (SDC) as one of the original members of their Apollo team. SDC was a pioneering software company and an MIT contractor on the Apollo Project and Brodeur was one of the original members of the team.   Brodeur joined the Draper team with a group of contractors from SDC.   

Brodeur worked on Colossus, the computer program for the command module and was responsible for most of the testing effort on the hybrid simulator.  He made significant contributions to the command module rendezvous navigation programs.   Brodeur was also program coordinator for the Apollo 9 mission version of Colossus.  He also worked flight software on the Apollo-Soyuz link-up flight and the Skylab mission.

Brodeur continued to work NASA programs, and then switched to the Trident program where he performed accuracy analysis.