Joseph O'Connor

Dr. Joseph O'Connor

Aeronautical Engineer

Dr. Joseph O'Connor (Joe) attended Bowdoin College and MIT in a joint liberal arts/engineering program. He received a BA from Bowdoin in 1954 and a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT in 1955, and then joined the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory (now Draper). In 1973 he received a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics.  

Joe had extensive skill in the design of aeronautic control systems when the Apollo project summoned him to join the design team. He worked as a principal innovator of the hybrid computer simulation system. As such he was responsible for the implementation of the spacecraft rotational and translational dynamics within the analog and digital computers and the specification of the various interfaces to the AGC and cockpit components. Joe also coordinated with the analytic groups so that all system parameters were in compliance with specifications. Joe was an invaluable member of the hybrid simulation team and made major contributions to its overall success.

After working on Apollo he developed the system for controlling the Space Shuttle Remote robotic arm manipulator System.